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We founded eKinetic Solutions to make an impact on consumers in Myrtle Beach and across the country. We are advocates for better marketing practices because we don't like the standards that prevail in our industry. Our primary purpose is to help businesses thrive that serve our communities using creative approaches in marketing, advertising and graphic design.

An Overview Of Our Process

Our goal is to be as effective for you as possible. We try not to be “yes” people unless “yes” is the best step for getting you closer to your goals. Here is our preferred approach to helping you move forward:

Step 1.
Before we begin a project or give a quote we like to discuss your goals and map out an outline of how to get there.

Step 2.
We try to understand as much as we can about who you are marketing to, what motivates them and how to best connect with them.

Step 3.
We look at your competitors to see what their message is to your markets, how they present themselves visually, and where they underserve the market. This enables us to market your company better than your competitors.

Step 4.
Next we create messaging for your marketing materials and website that hit emotional touch points that connect with your viewers.

Step 5.
After the messaging has been created we focus on the visual elements of your marketing. Our approach is to develop visuals that synergize with your messaging to make a powerful, memorable impact.

Step 6.
We outline a month-by-month action plan and start advertising and marketing your company.

Step 7.
We follow up on all actions to see what’s working and what’s not, so we can make changes as necessary.

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